Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium

Scholarships at Northwest Indian College

NWIC research boat

Since 1996, Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium has funded scholarships and student research opportunities for science undergraduates at Northwest Indian College.

NWIC faculty are strongly committed to assisting students formulate their career goals in the sciences and value the inspiration, role modeling and educational experience that research opportunities can provide in their students' early college careers.

NWIC now offers a bachelor's degree in Native Environmental Science. This degree is intended to meet the critical need for Native American environmental scientists and tribal leaders, and prepare graduates to work within tribal communities in support of environmental stewardship, conservation and revitalization.

The curriculum — designed with input from Pacific Northwest tribal elders and leaders, environmental managers, educators and students — emphasizes the integration of knowledge and relationships between culture, traditional ecological knowledge, and western science.

Courses include topics such as hydrology, mathematics, and native rights and environmental ethics.

WSGC also helps support the Northwest Indian College Space Center. Established in 2009, the center is a student organization dedicated to the study of science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on rocketry

Note! For more information on NWIC Space Grant scholarships and research opportunities, please see the Northwest Indian College website or contact Dr. Joel Green, NWIC science director, at (360) 392-4309 or e-mail jgreen@nwic.edu.